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I am a practicing software engineering, learning enthusiast, and part-time digital nomad.

I practice the craft of software engineering. At work, I practice my ability to generate solutions to problems effectively with my team. And outside of working hours, I study new and old unfamiliar technologies and practices. It is of utmost importance to hone and improve upon our abilities as software engineers. Keeping a strong command of modern technologies is a great challenge. It is challenging because technology advances so quickly in today’s world and is pushing older systems to become irrelevant. Furthermore, effectively working with a team is equally, if not more difficult, as a software engineer most of the time. Getting a group of intelligent and excited software developers with disagreements to agree with each other and external teams is one of the most challenging activities. To adapt to a quickly evolving technological landscape and to learn to create various types of people with different backgrounds, I practice software engineering as an athlete would practice their sport.

My enthusiasm for learning is not limited to software (although I am feverishly passionate about it), and I immerse myself in different topics of study. I have dove into anthropological, finance, design psychology, and philosophical studies, to name a few areas of interest that I have. My genuine curiosity takes me to unexplored territory, and the excitement of learning takes over. There must be some addictive chemical reaction that occurs in the mind when enthusiasm and education meet. I am eager to dive into the obscurity and to be humbled by my bewilderment of the unknown. Please send me reading suggestions at my email here.

I am also what you might call a part-time digital nomad. I work on a full-time basis remotely while visiting various countries, but I often reside in Bogotá, Colombia, with my girlfriend and her cat. My inclination to travel is a natural manifestation of my passion for learning. Experiencing cultures that are not my own have been some of the most rewarding moments in my life. Preconceptions of life that I had accumulated while growing up in New York City have been challenged and changed. There is plenty more to learn, and plenty of traveling left to do.
Who am I?
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My name is Edwin.
I am a practicing software engineering, learning enthusiast, and part-time digital nomad. I love creating great products, teams, and memories. Based on planet earth.
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If you have inquiries about anything or have questions. Your best chance to reach me is my email at edwinthinks@gmail.com.